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If you are an external body sponsored by a UCEBI Church, here you can download the instructions and forms necessary to submit a funding application.

documenti presentazione progetti battisti1. THE ITALIAN BAPTISTS AND THE EIGHT PER THOUSAND FUNDS

presenta un progetto battisti

documenti presentazione progetti battisti2. INSTRUCTIONS FOR EXTERNAL BODIES 2024

documenti presentazione progetti battisti3a. PREVIEW APPLICATION FORM 2024

documenti presentazione progetti battisti 3b. APPLICATION FORM FOR EXTERNAL BODIES PROJECTS

documenti presentazione progetti battisti4. BUDGET FORM

documenti presentazione progetti battisti 5. LETTER OF INTENT

documenti presentazione progetti battisti 6. VAT FORM

documenti presentazione progetti battisti7. SELF-DECLARATION AFFIDAVIT FORM

documenti presentazione progetti battisti 8. PROJECT START COMMUNICATION FORM

documenti presentazione progetti battisti9. REPORTING FORM

documenti presentazione progetti battisti10. PROJECT PROGRESS DECLARATION FORM

documenti presentazione progetti battisti11. PROJECT MODIFICATION REQUEST FORM

documenti presentazione progetti battisti12. PROJECT CLOSING POSTPONEMENT REQUEST FORM

documenti presentazione progetti battisti13. PROJECT CLOSING DECLARATION FORM

documenti presentazione progetti battisti 14. LOGO


What if the activity I am presenting falls into more than one of the admitted sectors?

The project must fall into a single type of the 4 admitted: welfare, cultural, social and humanitarian; therefore, if the activity presented falls into several sectors, please select the main one.

Can I suspend the completion of the project and continue it later?

No, the Form must be completed at once and then sent directly. To facilitate filling in, the forms include a PDF with a preview of the Form, so that you can prepare the answers in a file and copy them into the Form. However, we recommend that you ONLY use .txt documents or Notepad for this operation as the platform is not optimized for copying and pasting from web pages or .doc (Word) files, so the text would be illegible and it would not be possible to evaluate the project.

Can I skip a point on the Form, even if it is mandatory, and respond later?

Yes, you can skip a point and go ahead in filling out the Form but the form must be completed before you can send it.

Will I receive notification of the outcome?

The Eight per Thousand Office will NOT communicate the outcome of the evaluation: the approved projects will be published on the website www.ottopermillebattista.org in the Reporting section by 30th September every year.

How much time do I have to start the project?

The project can be started immediately but no later than beginning of the year following the approval: however, it is mandatory that each project is concluded and fully reported by 31st December of the year following that of the financing/approval.

What should I do if my project is approved but I am granted a sum inferior to that, which is actually required?

The share borne by the applicant indicated in the project submission phase must remain the same even if the funds approved by the Eight per Thousand are inferior to those required to carry on the project in its original form. It is not necessary to reformulate the project, nor the budget/economic plan presented, nor to specify for which items the OPM funds received will be used: it will be sufficient to submit the final report, which must comply with the Instructions for external bodies and the Reporting Instructions.

Can I receive any financing on the bank account of an individual and/or another body/church?

No: the money will be wired only on the applicants’ own bank account.

Can I include in the report the expenses incurred for the project before it was approved?

Yes, it is possible to provide as documentation for reporting also fiscally valid justifications of expenses incurred before the approval of the project and which concern the project itself, but they must not be prior to the year of financing/approval (for 2024 funds, they must not be expenses incurred before 01/01/2024).